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PREP (Progressively Reaching Excellence in Professionalism) is a FLO (Freshmen Leadership Organization) at Texas A&M University that is committed to providing a community which will allow freshmen to navigate the complexities of their first year in college through both professional and social development. As a freshman at Texas A&M, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of organizations, each with their own set of opportunities. What sets PREP apart as a FLO is the emphasis on becoming a more well-rounded individual. Close-knit socials and a highly developed committee structure enable members to develop valuable leadership skills while forging relationships with their peers and serving the community. PREP’s mission is to give freshmen the opportunity to interact with each other and learn the essentials of professional etiquette and decorum as they establish themselves as both leaders and people of exceptional character at Texas A&M. Whether it is through leadership in committee work, giving back at the Big Event, developing professional speaking skills in a case competition, or just having fun at a winter retreat, PREP uniquely offers opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.



As a staff, we have each walked in your shoes as freshmen and striven to create the best possible leadership and social experience our organization has to offer. Collectively, we maintain professional skills that have enabled us to be successful both in school and in the professional world already. We have a variety of majors on our staff and we are all committed to providing our incoming members with opportunities to better themselves not only as professionals, but also as people of character. We are all focused on offering the best experience possible as our members embark on their freshman year. After seeing our own lives changed by the staff who served before us, we are each proactively interested in serving the freshmen as a resource, mentor, and - most of all - friend. Ultimately, our commitment to the freshmen is simple: be there in every possible way. While every student's freshman year is chaotic, we strive to create a common sense of stability to serve as a foundation upon which our members may thrive for the rest of their college career. 

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How to apply

G0 to to get started in the application process.

Fifty-four freshmen are admitted into PREP every Fall semester. Because PREP is a FLO at Texas A&M University, it abides by the rules and regulations set by FLAC - the governing body of the FLOs. FLAC dictates when applications become available and when we are able to begin recruitment. This year, there will be one All-FLO Informational Livestream on August 22, 2023 at 6 PM.

There will also be a FLO Meet and Greet event at Aggie Park on August 26th, 2023 from 5 PM to 8 PM.

We will also be at MSC Open house in the MSC on August 27, 2023 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.


Applications will open at at the conclusion of the All-FLO Informational Livestream on August 22th. The application will be due at on Sunday, September 10th at midnight as an online submission through the FLAC website. You will be notified if you were selected for an interview on September 14th, and interview sign-ups will be available on the same day.

Interviews will take place in person from Monday, September 18th through Friday, September 22nd and you will be notified of our selection decision on Monday, September 25th. We know this process can seem daunting, so please feel free to reach out to us at any time. Don't be afraid to stop us if you see us in our recruitment tank on campus, and introduce yourself! We are looking forward to an amazing year!


contact us

Click here if you'd like to contact us through our website. For more extensive inquiries, please email us at In addition to this, please feel free to contact any of our four Upperstaff members regarding any questions or concerns you might have. We are always happy to help!

Nathan Cornelius, External Co-Chair*

Phone: (361) 548-6133


Kennedy Ardis, Internal Co-Chair

Phone: (409) 937-1562



Paola Castañeda, External Director

Phone: (281) 832-2029


*For all questions regarding sponsorship opportunities, please contact Nathan Cornelius

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